We are a group of freelance material engineers with significant industrial and academic experience. If you require support to design composite parts, production tools or manufacturing processes we are able to help. We are experts in analysing composite parts and manufacture processes from an industrial perspective to minimise production wastage and increase product quality. Our academic experience enables us to provide you with a systematic and detailed insight in your products and processes which otherwise may not be obvious. We are able to provide you with custom software tools for simple design calculations or detailed FE analysis of your problems.

Our Approach

We take pride in our work and do what we do as good as possible. We will not let you hanging and always finish our work to a high standard.

What we offer

We offer personal support onsite or remotely. We can optimise your material selection, optimise the composite lay-up and design your manufacturing tooling and processes. If desired, we offer to redesign your parts optimised for manufacture processes to avoid “black metal designs”. We are able to provide root cause analysis of your manufacture processes and engage which your floor staff on a constructive base. If there is something which we will not be able to do in house, we will ensure to get you the right skills from our vast network of external experts.

Company info

Composite Designers Ltd are registered in England and Wales, Company number 12138335
Company director: Dr Frank Gommer

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