Here a few examples of our composite material activities – a lot of our work is confidential which we cannot showcase but get in touch to ask us about our expertise:

Lamination of impact modified test panels
Pseudo-ductile behaviour of modified UD cfrp structures.
Autoclave cure of I beam stiffener
I-beam stiffener mould preparation
Bagging of fine features in a multi-part mould for automotive splitters
3D textile geometry optimisation using Matlab, Abaqus CAE and TexGen
Lay-up of intrinsic connection structures of an aerofoil in multi-part composite tool
x-ray of an impact modified cfrp panel – controlled crack growth and crack arrests can be seen
Mould tool design and preparation
Analysis results of composite micro-structures from micrographs
Manufacturing issue encountered and to be resolved in a production environment
Root cause analysis of manufacturing problems