Composite Design

We can help you to design your composite parts, redesign your existing parts to avoid “black metal design”, optimise your lay-up and material properties.

Manufacture process design

If you need to design your composite manufacture processes from scratch or like to have a fresh look at your implemented processes and procedures for constructive criticism, we are here for you.


We can advice you on the correct test procedures for your materials and parts or arrange the testing for you.

Funding applications

We can help you to apply for public funding. Our academic expertise will be invaluable and significantly increase your chances to obtain funding. This year to date, we successfully applied for Innovate UK, UKRI and Horizon 2020 funding.

What we offer.

We are able to help you with all your challenges when it comes to composite materials.

How we can help.

We are a group of freelance engineers and scientists. If we do not have the skill you require now, we will find these for you using our vast network of experts. We will not only be able to offer materials expertise but also custom software development and statistical analysis of your work environment.

Next Step…

Please get in touch. We are happy to have an informal discussion to see how we can help you.