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Try our free Android App on Play Store. It has been developed by Composite Designers Ltd to provide a simple and easy way to determine resulting composites laminate properties anywhere instantaneously:


This App allows you to create your own material database (or use the example data provided), define your lay-up using common lay-up notation, calculate resulting engineering constants and this App allows you to apply mechanical and hygrothermal loads to then visualise individual ply strains and stresses.


Our App does not share or collect any user data or sends any data to the developers. Any user defined (material) data is saved only on the user’s device in the users own shared storage. The App does therefore require read / write access to the shared device storage to build and store the material database. It is recommended that the user creates their own back-up of their data if desired. The App does provide links to the developers’ homepage for information such as this explanatory page only.

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A comprehensive explanation with examples of the Classical Laminate Theory (CLT) can be found here – we corrected the bugs in this work (non-symmetric laminae) in our app:


There are a number of good books available such as Mechanics of Composite Materials by Robert M. Jones

Also, freely available lectures such as from the University of Delft do explain this theory very well.


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